Jocelyn Wickersham

Jocelyn Wickersham graduated from Ezra Stiles College at Yale in 2019 with her bachelor’s degree in the History of Art. During her time at Yale, Jocelyn was an active member of ECY, serving as Congregational Council Co-Chair and member of the Board of Governors for three consecutive years. She served on the Executive and Development committees, and in her third year of service was Assistant Vice Chair of the Board. As a delegate to the annual convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, Jocelyn advocated for the systemic changes of gender-inclusive language in the Book of Common Prayer; new staff and programs for racial reconciliation and healing across churches in Connecticut; and a financial focus on the underserved youth and young adult populations within the church. She has worked in a number of museums across the east coast, studying the overlapping fields of photography, 20th century culture, and intersectional feminism. Jocelyn currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts as a search coordinator on the advancement team at Isaacson, Miller.