People at ECY

A quick guide to who’s who:


Staff & Seminarians

Congregational Council Co-Chairs


Board of Governors

The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas,  Ecclesiastical Authority

The Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens, Ecclesiastical Authority Representative

The Rev. Ryan Fleenor, Board Chair, Chair of Governance & Nominations Committee

The Rev. Edwin Lewis, Board Vice Chair

Matthew T. Leaycraft, Board Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee

The Rev. Edwin Lewis, Board Vice Chair

Patricia Kincaid Thurston, Board Assistant Treasurer, Chair of 150th Anniversary Committee

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Franklin, Chair, Development Committee

Constance Bagley, Board Member Since 2011

Andrew C. Homan, BK’02, Board Member Since 2013

The Rev. Steven Paulikas, Board Member Since 2014

The Rev. Alice H. Courtright, Board Member Since 2016

Chamonix Adams Porter, Board Member Since 2017

Michael J. Tucker, Board Member Since 2017

Jere A. Wells, Board Member Since 2017